Real Talk

Let’s talk. Let’s talk honestly.

I like to do research on things I don’t know a lot about. What’s really up with “super foods”, is my pee really supposed to be clear, how many cups of coffee can I really have. Another one? What does it take to wake up early and workout everyday before work.

I have done A LOT of reading on that last one. And honestly, everyone says the same thing: “it’s hard, it gets a tad easier, it’s always worth it, just go to bed earlier”. I agree that it is ALWAYS worth the effort to drag my warm body from the comfort and safety of my bed to get in the 5 am run. However I can also tell you that these people surely do not have a toddler that ALWAYS wakes them up two-three times a night.

I will tell it to you straight, when you have a one year old wake you up several times a night, insist on sleeping with you, and kick you in his sleep, it does not matter in the slightest when you go to bed. Heck (mom language here), most nights my head hits that pillow by nine. However that 4:40 am alarm always seems to come so fast. It doesn’t get easier. You will always have the internal battle of more sleep vs accomplishing your goals. In the light of day the choice seems clear: well duh, goals. Am I right? But the darkness just before dawn and the bed calling to you like siren is very convincing.

I’m not here to make you feel bad for sleeping in (I do it more than I’d like to admit!) nor am I here to scare you away from TRYING to achieve that early morning athlete status. I just wanted there to be some honesty out there.

It’s hard. It will always be hard. But it is ALWAYS worth it.

My Journey

Excuses.. Everyone makes them.

What I am learning is that they are more detrimental to oneself than helpful. You might think that if you have an excuse of why you did or didn’t do something that the action is justifiable. “I worked out today, so I am going to have a donut”, “I didn’t sleep great, so I am skipping my workout”, “My dog ate my homework, so I didn’t do it”. It’s BS. No one honestly believes the excuse.

I am a PRO at making excuses. I used to be a pretty fit person, but when I moved to Chicago I made the excuse that I was too busy with school to workout. Then came the excuse “Well my boyfriend eats it, so I can too!”. Then came “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want!” Let me tell you… Those were not good excuses. In four years and one pregnancy I gained a whole me. up thats right, I put on 150 pounds! I know. I know. Your eyes must be popping from your head.

I want to change that.. I don’t like who I am now. So I am changing. For the last few months I have been on a journey to better myself. This journey will affect my son too. He will grow up with a mom that makes healthy decisions. One that can chase after him for more than two minutes. A mom that can still pick him up when he is six. He will grow up to love veggies and see dessert as a special occasion treat and not a nightly snack.

I am done with the excuses. I’m not saying I won’t ever slip, I am human. But I am saying that I will give it my all to better myself for me and my family.

80 down. 70 to go. More than half way!

Taking time

So y’all are surprising me! I have been taking time to focus on finding something that will inspire me and make me feel whole. I haven’t been writing because it’s been a difficult process. I am also moving away from my family for the first time. I have always lived just a few hours away, but now I will be a few states away.

I hope you guys continue to visit my page and contemplate your own lives and improve where improvement is needed. Self love and respect is the most important aspect of a healthy happy life.

Stay tuned for some new adventures coming soon!


It’s hard to grasp the reality of it, but I had a major non scale victory this past weekend. I don’t normally like to write about my weight and the trials I have had of losing and gaining and losing again. But I am proud. I ran my first 5k in 6 years. SIX. No excuses this time, not the bad knees and hips, not the extra baby weight I am still carrying. Because honestly, those are just that: excuses. They don’t really hold a person back from doing what they want. People bigger than myself run all the time. An inflamed IT band can be overcome with proper stretching and rolling. I still have a long way to go, I won’t reach my goal by the original set date. But I won’t give up. Onward and upward, one step at a time.

Oh, and I beat my mom and husband at Risk!

Pictures on Instagram at @14thousandfeet


One of the predictable things about life is that there will be setbacks. No one knows how many or how often. Unfortunately, I experienced three right in a row. Noahbear had a double ear infection, I lost a little motivation, then 12 inches of snow fell. These setbacks have cost me nearly four weeks of training time and I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to run a half marathon by Noahbear’s first birthday. But I will not let this stop me! Today I got back on the horse and ran. It was rough, my lungs were burning, my legs were protesting, and the whole time all I could think is “what’s the point?”. But by the end of my run I was so glad I did it.

Life is hard and things don’t always go as planned.

Never give up.

for pictures follow @14thousandfeet

Role Model

(hopefully) Every parent wants to ensure one thing: that their children grow up happy and successful. One of the keys to accomplishing this is to be a good role model to that child. Let’s be honest though, life is hard. Work, bills, relationships.. it all takes work. It is super important for your child to see you smile and laugh. It is important for them to know that with bad also comes good.
Show your child how to eat healthy. Show them how to exercise. Show them how to love. Show them how to relax. It is up to you to show them all the great things in life, because they will learn the bad all on their own. Share your interests with them. Set a goal for yourself and complete it, show them how to finish what they start.

I chose to start running again after a five year break. It has been so difficult but so wonderful. I get to spend uninterrupted time with my child sharing with him something that I love to do. My goal is to be able to run a half marathon by time he turns one. I want to show my little bear that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

What’s your goal?

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