Small Victories

This past week was full of small victories. I didn’t do anything crazy or super adventurous. But it was progress all the same. I talked to a waiter alone at breakfast and gave her baby advice ( I NEVER thought I would be able to give anyone baby advice). This was a victory for me because normally I would never tell anyone what worked for me and that maybe they give it a go; I wouldn’t want to sound stuck up and pushy. But she thanked me in the end! She told me how she had been at wits end and was so thankful for the advice. My other tiny V came as a surprise to me. I reached out to an old friend, who’d long ago fallen away, and congratulated her on accomplishing something that she had always dreamed about. I am super proud of her for accomplishing a dream and felt it important that she get recognition for it.
My progress has been slow, but it has also been steady. I am excited to see what the future holds and explore this big world without fear of other people.

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