Melty Chocolate Brain

I am a smart person, relatively speaking at least. However, it took me TEN minutes to figure out the portion size of the chocolate I was eating. WHAT?! I kid you not. Can I blame it on the new job I started today? My husband? My six month old? New keto brain? Probably not. Picture a sweaty tired mom standing in the kitchen with Lifesum (amazing calorie counting app–> try it!) and a calculator open trying to figure out the fractions.. Not a pretty picture, but I did it!

More importantly though, HU chocolate is the best. Try it the next time you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be sorry! (I am NOT getting paid to promote this chocolate -wishful thinking-  I just really like it). It is vegan, paleo, keto friendly (in small portions), and absolutely perfect for dark chocolate.. any chocolate!

Onwards and Upwards!

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