My Journey

Excuses.. Everyone makes them.

What I am learning is that they are more detrimental to oneself than helpful. You might think that if you have an excuse of why you did or didn’t do something that the action is justifiable. “I worked out today, so I am going to have a donut”, “I didn’t sleep great, so I am skipping my workout”, “My dog ate my homework, so I didn’t do it”. It’s BS. No one honestly believes the excuse.

I am a PRO at making excuses. I used to be a pretty fit person, but when I moved to Chicago I made the excuse that I was too busy with school to workout. Then came the excuse “Well my boyfriend eats it, so I can too!”. Then came “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want!” Let me tell you… Those were not good excuses. In four years and one pregnancy I gained a whole me. up thats right, I put on 150 pounds! I know. I know. Your eyes must be popping from your head.

I want to change that.. I don’t like who I am now. So I am changing. For the last few months I have been on a journey to better myself. This journey will affect my son too. He will grow up with a mom that makes healthy decisions. One that can chase after him for more than two minutes. A mom that can still pick him up when he is six. He will grow up to love veggies and see dessert as a special occasion treat and not a nightly snack.

I am done with the excuses. I’m not saying I won’t ever slip, I am human. But I am saying that I will give it my all to better myself for me and my family.

80 down. 70 to go. More than half way!

One thought on “My Journey

  1. Well done for admitting the excuses. It’s hard to make that step. I too made so many excuses. Although I’m not a mother I can totally relate. I’m at uni… I can’t afford healthy food. I’m getting fatter because I’m comfortable in my relationship, I’m really busy at work so I’m tired when I get home. And on and on they went.
    Good luck for the future. 🙂 x

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